Live the retro lifestyle and feel young again!  Dance the night away to “The Hits of Your Life” like you did when you were barely 20…with the 100% RETRO Roadshow.  Transcend musical decades from “The Good Old Sixties” to the “Swinging 70s” when disco conquered the world with “Saturday Night Fever” and “Grease”…to the “Legendary Synth and Pop Sound” of the 80s.  Go crazy with screaming guitars and the best “Rock Classics” or the “Euro Dance” scene that dominated the 90s.  The 100% RETRO Roadshow is an unforgettable experience that brings you back in time to the most memorable moments of your life.  Experience the incredible music, nostalgia and fantastic decor!  Book the roadshow now for your event, party or happening. For more info, email us via [email protected].


100% RETRO Belgium was founded in the Spring of 2017.  It was created in the run-up to the very first festival.  What started as a promotional tool grew into a 24/7 radio station that charmed listeners across the globe.  We developed a unique format with historical news flashes at the top of the hour, RETRO artists and tribute bands were promoted, and festival-goers responded in droves.  The format received an enthusiastic reception from music fans looking to live the RETRO lifestyle!  In the meantime, our radio adventure has grown into an established brand.  100% RETRO broadcasts live every summer from the Bobbejaanland theme park near Antwerp, Belgium.