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20 Sep 1937

todaySeptember 20, 2022


American songwriter, singer, musician and lyricist Margo Guryan. Her 1960s song ‘Sunday Mornin’‘, was hit for both Spanky and Our Gang and Oliver. Her songs have also been recorded by Cass Elliot, Glen Campbell amongst others. She died age 84 on 8 November 2021.

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19 Sep 1973

Country-rock pioneer Gram Parsons dies On September 19, 1973, 26-year-old musician Gram Parsons dies of “multiple drug use” (morphine and tequila) in a California motel room. His death inspired one of the more bizarre automobile-related crimes on record: Two of his friends stashed his body in a borrowed hearse and drove it into the middle of the Joshua Tree National Park, where they doused it with gasoline and set it […]

todaySeptember 19, 2022